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Blue sky, sounds of drum, smell on incense,joyous mood. The festive season is once more here.

....and like the previous years, we are again ready to celebrate the festival in a way different from all others and to create a reason to rejoice about.


.............. few details.....
Image: Traditional
Dressing: Fabric and Newspaper
Interior design: Newspaper, Tharmocol and Jute
Designer: Mr. Bivas Mukherjee
Artist: Mr. Arun Pal

Water 1

Basic theme this year is Power of Media : it's good and evil.

In present world, social political and economic consciousness of a society is largely dependent on the information transmitted by the media. Newspaper being the most widely used media, plays a pivotal role for both virtue and vice of a society.

Durga, the goddess of power, truth and enlightenment signifies the virtue while Asur, the demon symbolizes the vice. Newspaper will be used in the whole concept as a midtone between these two extremes.


Visit us at the crossing of the Harish Mukherjee Road and Mahim Halder Street, behind Kalighat Fire Station, Kalighat, Calcutta, India.

Created and maintained by Abhijit Mukherjee