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Bengali heritage- To the door of the World. That is our only mission. We are the pathfinder in South Calcutta for last 39 years in reminiscing the forgotten age-old Bengali culture and tradition of the Sarodotsav (Durga Puja).

.........And appreciation is evident........
Nominated for Asian Paints Sharad Samman 92 & 94
Winner of Asian Paints Sharad Samman Discovery of the Year 96
Winner of First Keventer-Agro Sharad Puroskar 98
Winner of Snowcem-Anadabazar Bishesh Sharad Samman 98 & 99
Winner of Pepsi Pratidin Puja Perfect Award for Exceptional Effort 98
Winner of best Cultural and Organized Puja in Kalighat, 2003 
..........Many others...........

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