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Geotechnical study of landslides


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Landslides in Kalimpang
Geotechnical study of landslides
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Geotechnical Investigation of Landslides in and around the Approach to Kalimpaong, Darjeeling district, West Bengal

Abstract of Thesis submitted for partial fulfilment of M.Sc Examination in Geology of the Universtiy of Calcutta, 1999

Advisors: Dr. Arup Kumar Mitra, Prof. of Geology, University of Calcutta
     and                                             and
Mr. Animesh Bhattacharya, Director and Coordinator,  Geological Survey of India

A detail geotechnical study of landslides in an area of 7.92 sqkm in an around around the approach road to Kalimpong town in Darjeeling district, West Bengal, has been done in order to assay the slope instability factors.
The study included the identification of landslides and their detailed morphogenetic study with background of lithologic and structural features, nature of surface drainage, slope morphometry, lineament control, effect of antecedent rainfall and landuse.
The cumulative effect of all these factors was studied in each specific landslide location and then the slides were categorized according to the classification framed by Varnes (1978).
On assertaining the nature of slides and their related causitive facotrs, suitable remedial measures to control these individual slides have been proposed. based on the practiced procedures of landslide control.